LBR to grow its Dev team in Sofia with the support of Questers - Questers

LBR to grow its Dev team in Sofia with the support of Questers

23 Jul 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Law Business Research (LBR), a leading provider of business information and legal analysis tools, has just signed with Questers for building a new development division in Bulgaria.

By combining news and analysis with innovative technology, Law Business Research develops outstanding subscription products, intuitive platforms and vital analysis tools. The company manages 13 market-leading brands, including Lexology, Global Arbitration Review, Global Competition Review and more. Through such distinguished products, LBR powers legal professionals and businesses around the world with valuable insight and useful tools for better-informed decision making.

Aiming to continue developing its legal products and further improve their value, LBR has encountered the need to further grow its development division. To do so, the company has chosen Sofia for locating its new department and engaged Questers as a reliable partner for sourcing talented professionals and supporting the team’s growth.

The Sofia team will be an integral part of LBR’s Web development division. The new team members will be engaged in the development of additional features to LBR’s web platform and applications. Experienced PHP and .Net developers are among the first roles we are currently opening. Find out more about the vacancies here.