Morar Consulting continues to innovate with the help of an IT team in Sofia with Questers - Questers

Morar Consulting continues to innovate with the help of an IT team in Sofia with Questers

29 Apr 2015

Morar Consulting is a leading brand consulting, market research and marketing software company. Founded in 2005, they have built a comprehensive suite of software tools that has consistently kept ahead of a fast moving market in many areas, and starting today this development team in Sofia will help them continue in that direction.

‘’As part of our growth strategy, we need to strengthen and scale our existing software platforms, and develop new tools and features, particularly in areas relating to interactive data presentation and visualisation.  Our aim is to build a sustainable development team to support these new initiatives, and to become an integral part of the global Morar team,’’ commented Alistair Cunningham, Director at Morar Consulting.

Morar Consulting also has a strong culture of innovation, with a focus on finding fast and creative solutions to challenges presented by their clients. Something we have in common as at Questers we are also constantly trying to challenge the status quo and reinvent our business and the way we work to support our clients’ growth and their team’s performance.

As part of the global Next 15 network, Morar Consulting already works with a broad spectrum of blue-chip and smaller clients, including over 30 of the UK’s leading restaurant chains, Sky & Burberry. The company is now moving into a new phase of aggressive growth with a huge range of opportunities to pursue. This is why Morar chose to partner with Questers in order to build a team in Sofia With ‘’developers who can really make a difference to the business, and to fit in with the strong company culture.’’ Alistair went on to add that he is looking for people who ‘’have the ability to make rapid, high quality progress and to face diverse challenges involvement multiple technologies including emerging new tools.’’