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Questers’ Giving Programme to support the Bulgarian education system and the local tech community

6 Nov 2018

Rails Girls Sofia and QuizIT - two incredible initiatives that Questers traditionally supports every year through its Giving Programme, are once again contributing to the improvement of the Bulgarian education system and the growth of the local tech community.

QuizIT vol. 4 – a joint initiative of Questers and Teach for Bulgaria, took place on October 30 at City Stage and gathered more than 100 professionals from the IT sector. The 4th edition of the charity pub quiz was dedicated to the 80s and 90s and all participants had the chance to travel back in time to the exciting years of the Walkman, Nintendo games and 1.44 MB diskettes. 

The event raised 1000 BGN, while another 2000 BGN were donated by Questers. The collected amount will be used to support one teacher from Teach for Bulgaria’s programme for 7 months. Its main aim is to attract, train and support motivated specialists from various professional sectors to become teachers and to make a positive impact on the Bulgarian education system.

Rails Girls is another great educational project, that Questers has been constantly collaborating with. Rails Girls is an international movement that supports the organisation of 2-day workshops that gather women with none or minimal programming experience and trains them to create their first web application. The aim of these workshops is to inspire more ladies to start a career in the tech sector. Through its regular support of this wonderful project during the last 5 years, Questers sees the great opportunity to help the Bulgarian tech community grow and to contribute to its gender diversity. The 11th edition of Rails Girls Sofia will take place on November 16-17 at the National Palace of Culture.

Since its inception Questers’ Giving Programme has been devoted to numerous health and educational initiatives. During the last three years, the company has concentrated its efforts on education, believing the more focused approach would have a bigger impact. Over the years Questers has supported various initiatives related to the improvement of the state education, as well as to the support of numerous private and non-government educational organisations. The programme heavily relies on the collective participation and active involvement of Questers’ employees, who are given the opportunity to contribute through monthly donations (doubled by the company), encouraged to propose suitable causes that the company may support and also to join the programme board responsible for the management of the financial assets of the programme.

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