Questers to build a dev team for the quantitative hedge fund Dynamic Technology Lab  - Questers

Questers to build a dev team for the quantitative hedge fund Dynamic Technology Lab

10 Mar 2022

Dynamic Technology Lab (DTL), a quantitative hedge fund engaged in global security trading with multiple asset classes, commissioned Questers to build up an extension of their development team in Bulgaria.

DTL offers equity trading, quantitative analysis and financial services. Established in 2009, the company has achieved impressive growth and is now actively pursuing trading and office expansion. Among the reasons behind DTL’s success is its dedication to providing strong and consistent returns for its investors by relying on mathematical and statistical models to drive its investment process. DTL has built a world-class infrastructure and uses state-of-the-art technology to solve real-life problems in the financial markets.

As a result of the continuous increase in the demand for their services and the company’s constant aspiration to penetrate new markets and develop new in-house built systems, DTL has undertaken a major expansion of their development team. After evaluating Bulgaria as one of the best tech hubs in Europe, the company engaged with Questers and recognized it as a reliable partner to establish and grow its new R&D division in Sofia.

The aim of this collaboration is to enlarge DTL's development team with new professionals who possess strong technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit. The new team members will be engaged in the design and implementation of internal systems to boost productivity and trading capabilities as well as maintain and improve research capabilities in global markets.

The first roles for the DTL team in Sofia are Full-stack Python Developer and Junior C++ Engineer. Stay tuned for new opportunities here.