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Questers inspiring more people to start coding through different events

14 Dec 2016

Following up Questers cause to help Bulgarian tech community to grow and develop we continue to support different initiatives. Through the past month, we have hosted two workshops – Django Girls and CoderDojo. The aim of both of them is to inspire more people to find their passion for coding through interactive practices.

On 12th of November Questers hosted the first Django Girls workshop in Bulgaria. More than 30 girls and young women took part in the event and had the opportunity to develop their first app, using Python, Django, HTML and CSS. The aim of the workshop is to attract more women to the technology sector.

Django Girls is an international movement which supports the organisation of free programming workshops for women around the world and creating open source online tutorials. To learn more about the initiative and the upcoming workshops visit Django Girls website.

On 10th of December Questers have celebrated the Hour of Code by hosting a Coder Dojo workshop for children. More than 30 kids were involved in the activities in order to learn to code and develop their first app or game in an informal, creative and social environment.

Coder Dojo is a non-governmental organisation which is aiming to involve the children from their earliest age into the world of technology, through interactive activities. To read more about the workshops CoderDojo is organising visit their site here.