Sponsoring QA: Challenge Accepted - Questers

Sponsoring QA: Challenge Accepted

13 Mar 2015

In continuation of our last year’s efforts aiming at growing the local IT community this Saturday, on the Pi-Day, Questers is sponsoring the first edition of QA:Challenge Accepted. This conference is targeting all the enthusiasts, specialists and even managers working in the sphere of software testing and software quality assurance. This is an event from professionals to other professionals that will allow the attendance of every single presentation track (as only one at a time), will provide a very carefully selected content (and no hidden or obvious advertisements), a lot of networking opportunities and a lot of fun.

As a sponsor of the event Questers has given a free pass to a motivated junior QA willing to grow their career in the field of software quality assurance. Additionally, during the event all attendants were able to make a further career step and participate in our raffle for a free Automation Testing course provided by our partners from Pragmatic by answering few technical questions. The luckiest (and of course a knowledgable) QA was Goran Naumoski. To participate simply contact our representatives or answer the following questions.