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Machine Learning Engineer


Questers is a leading tech hub that empowers IT professionals to advance their careers through strategic collaborations with prominent companies from the UK, Europe, and the US. We build dedicated teams in Bulgaria for leading tech businesses in various industries. Our present client base includes the group behind some of the most powerful media brands in the English-speaking world, leading FinTech companies, multi-billion-dollar US hedge fund, social media platforms and a variety of scale-ups rapidly expanding their software services and products.

About the team: We, at Funding Circle, want to help small businesses win. That’s why we’re here. We connect small business owners to investors – to create jobs, help families and power economies – because we believe that people are made to do more. And we want to help them. So, we created the leading online marketplace for small business loans. Our investors have lent £11.4 billion to 100,000 small business owners. In a single year, this lending supported 135,000 jobs and contributed £10 billion to the global economy. There’s never been a better time to join! Be part of the team that changes everything. Let’s build the place where small businesses can get the funding they need to win and leave a legacy behind, forever.


  • You will be joining Funding Circle’s newly formed Machine Learning and AI team composed of Data Scientists, ML Engineers and ML Ops Engineers.
  • We firmly believe that data is our key asset and that everyone across the organisation has a part to play in making sure that we look after it, allowing us to better support our customers. Our central data team lives in our Tech org and reports to the VP of Data.
  • You will collaborate with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, analysts, product managers, and software engineers, to understand requirements and deliver effective solutions that align with business objectives.


  • Design, develop, and deploy applications and services that use machine learning and advanced analytics, focusing on the integration of complex algorithms into software solutions
  • Collaborate with software engineers to integrate machine learning models and algorithms seamlessly into production-level code. Write efficient and scalable code using languages such as Python and more (e.g Clojure, Ruby, SQL)
  • Work closely with data scientists to translate research prototypes into production-ready solutions. Bridge the gap between data science and software engineering, ensuring a smooth transition from experimentation to deployment
  • Implement and contribute to incident management processes for ML systems. Diagnose and address issues related to model performance, stability, and scalability in a timely manner
  • Establish robust observability and monitoring mechanisms for ML systems to track performance metrics, detect anomalies, and ensure system reliability. Implement solutions for log management and error tracking
  • Create comprehensive documentation for code, APIs, and system architecture, enabling effective knowledge transfer and onboarding for other team members
  • Develop and execute comprehensive testing strategies, including unit testing, integration testing, and endto-end testing, to validate the functionality and reliability of ML systems
  • Design and implement APIs for machine learning services, facilitating seamless integration with other applications and systems within the organization
  • Implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines to automate the testing and deployment of ML models and applications, ensuring a streamlined and reliable development process. Work closely with ML Ops engineers
  • Actively contribute to the team's knowledge base through knowledge sharing and mentorship


  • Proficient in one or more programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++. Strong software engineering skills with an emphasis on writing clean, modular, and scalable code
  • In-depth understanding of ML algorithms, statistical modelling, and data science principles. Experience as a data scientist or working closely with data scientists is an advantage
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and deploying ML models or advanced analytics as part of end-to-end applications. An understanding of the specificities of implementing and deploying ML models compared to other software applications
  • An understanding of the different deployment options for ML models (streaming, request/response, batch processing)
  • Experience using one or more CI/CD tools (e.g Jenkins, Drone, Circle CI, Github Actions …) and a strong understanding of benefits of such tools
  • Experience with one of the major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Practical mindset with a focus on team outcomes. Demonstrated ability to adapt to new tools and methodologies
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively in cross-functional teams
  • Effective communication skills


  • 25 Days Paid Leave
  • Supplemental Health & Dental Care
  • Competitive Remuneration Package
  • Exceptional Social Package & Special Discounts
  • Innovative & Agile Teams
  • Challenging Projects & Leading Edge Technologies
  • Friendly & Supportive Atmosphere
  • Socially Responsible Company
  • Tech & Soft Skills Training
  • Team Bonding Events
  • Fruity Afternoons & Beer Thursdays
  • Excellent Office Location & Facilities, and a wonderful terrace
  • Relaxing & Gaming Areas
  • Free Bike Parking & Showers

Questers Perks

    • Innovative & Agile Teams

      Innovative & Agile Teams

    • Challenging Projects & Leading-edge Technologies

      Challenging Projects & Leading-edge Technologies

    • Friendly & Supportive Atmosphere

      Friendly & Supportive Atmosphere

    • Socially Responsible Company

      Socially Responsible Company

    • 25 Days Paid Leave

      25 Days Paid Leave

    • Supplemental Health & Dental Care

      Supplemental Health & Dental Care

    • Competitive Remuneration Package

      Competitive Remuneration Package

    • Exceptional Social Package & Special Discounts

      Exceptional Social Package & Special Discounts

    • Tech & Soft Skills Training

      Tech & Soft Skills Training

    • Team Bonding Events

      Team Bonding Events

    • Fruity Afternoons

      Fruity Afternoons

    • Beer Thursdays

      Beer Thursdays

    • Excellent Office Location & Facilities

      Excellent Office Location & Facilities

    • A Wonderful Mountain-view Terrace

      A Wonderful Mountain-view Terrace

    • Free Bike Parking & Showers

      Free Bike Parking & Showers

    • Relaxing & Gaming Areas

      Relaxing & Gaming Areas


Equal Opportunity Employer

Here at Questers, we hire great people. No matter how you identify and where you’re from, you can belong here. What’s most important to us is having an inspiring, dynamic team who live our values of collaboration and excellence every day. And we're completely committed to fostering an open, supportive and inclusive culture where everyone can focus on just being themselves while also reaching their full potential.

Machine Learning Engineer | Questers


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