Five years later I am still here and managing a team of 5 - Questers

Five years later I am still here and managing a team of 5


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Yanko Vangelov, System Administrator Team Lead

Landmark Information Group team @ Questers

How do you like about working at Questers?

I’ve been with Questers for about 5 years now and I would say working at Questers is a real pleasure for me and it couldn’t be different with all the opportunities, support and friendly atmosphere at the office coming from nice and open-minded people. Back in 2011 I was hired as a System Administrator in the team of Landmark Information Group. The company is part of the Daily Mail General Trust and is UK’s leading provider of land and property search information (including digital mapping, environmental risk reports for property professionals and sophisticated property management tools) to surveyors, risk and fraud managers and the broader financial markets. Our work is quite challenging and this keeps me constantly motivated to further improve my skills and knowledge. Five years later I am still here and managing a team of 5. 

How do Questers keep you motivated and engaged?

I really enjoy the positive attitude of our HR team. You know you’ll always get the support and advise you may need. The team makes sure any training needs are satisfied by constantly organizing different tech and soft-skill training sessions.  We also have a variety of team-bonding events – Beer Thursdays are my favorite! 

How do you think Questers has supported your career?

In various ways - through many internal trainings, travel abroad and regular meetings, where we are able to discuss the mood in the team, any potential issues and opportunities for improvement. 

What are your favourite parts of your job?

I am very happy with the career growth opportunities and the improvement guidelines provided. Also can say I enjoy pretty much the work-life balance within my team.   

What would you like to do in the future? / What are your future aspirations? 

I would definitely like to stay and work for Questers, gain experience and reach higher levels in the structure, why not?

Five years later I am still here and managing a team of 5 | Questers


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