Recap: Q1 2024 Life @ Questers (becoming Pwrteams) - Questers

Recap: Q1 2024 Life @ Questers (becoming Pwrteams)

As we reflect on the first quarter of 2024, it’s clear our incredible team has much to celebrate. In these past months, Questers, soon to be known as Pwrteams, has embarked on a transformative journey, yielding remarkable accomplishments and ushering in a wave of exciting new initiatives.

Here’s a short recap of some of the most important moments for us in Q1 2024:

  • On the 16th of February, during an official ceremony for the annual Employer Branding Awards, organised by B2B Media, we took the first place in the "Flexible Workplace" category. This award is a result of our strategic approach to keep high levels of satisfaction among our employees, which in turn ensures successful long-term client relationships. To find out more, read here.


  • On January 20, the News UK team at Questers (becoming Pwrteams) also had a reason to celebrate as they marked their 5th anniversary as part of our big family. Over the years they have grown to more than 85 people, working on some exciting and important projects.


  • Last but not least, in March we announced the next milestone in our journey! After 12 incredible years of operating under the Questers banner, we're ready to turn the page and embrace a new identity in Q2 2024: We're becoming Pwrteams!

becoming Pwrteams.jpg

Furthermore, the first quarter was quite eventful for our team:

  • We enjoyed a variety of coffee tasting experiences - from a delightful New Year’s kick-off breakfast with banitsa and coffee, to learning about the different caffeine drinks and the techniques for making them.
  • We also successfully launched our 2024 Wellness Campaign with an insightful expert session on the “Growth mindset” and personal development.
  • On March 1, we celebrated the beginning of spring and welcomed Baba Marta Day with a charity bazaar in our office. We supported our partners from Art Atelier "Tvorilnitsa" and their cause for equal employment of people with mental health issues.
  • Later in March, we celebrated the International Women's Day with special office photo shoots for our inspiring female colleagues. We made sure everyone felt appreciated and those who work remotely or are on maternity leave got some marvelous beauty boxes from us.
Women's Day 2.jpeg Women's Day 1.jpeg
  • Knowledge-sharing was at the forefront in Q1 as we hosted a full-day workshop about “Graph algorithms 101” and a tech talk on the hot topic of “Integrating Salesforce within an event-driven architecture”. Both events were co-organised with the Funding Circle team.


  • In addition, our commitment to support the modernisation of the Bulgarian schooling system and alternative educational projects also continued to lead the way. In 2024, similarly to last year, we set the goal to raise and donate 35 000 BGN together with our employees and in Q1 2024, we managed to hit this target by 27%. Part of the collected funds have already been directed towards Tuk-tam's scholarship fund for young professionals who want to gain skills in the field of video game development. Tuk-tam's education fund was the focus of this year’s charitable fundraising streaming initiative Good Game, organized by the Bulgarian gaming community.

 What a great way to start the year! If you want to join the fun and grow with us, check out our hot vacancies and apply.