The opportunity for continuous personal development while knowing someone has got your back is truly invaluable

Angel Paunchev, Customization Manager
SpotMe team @ Questers


What do you like about working at Questers?
I like the professionalism and high standards of the company. Questers’ team is friendly and supportive, always striving to attract great talent. The office is brand new, with modern facilities and equipment. Free beer on Thursdays is pretty cool, too.

How does Questers keep you motivated and engaged?
Questers organises a variety of workshops, training sessions and other team events available to everyone. We also have an annual company tech meet-up open to external people, Questers Beer’n’Code Day where people from different teams share knowledge or talk about interesting projects they work on.

How do you think Questers has supported your career?
I’ve been a part of the SpotMe team at Questers for a more than an year now. Initially I was hired as a junior developer, but less than a year later I was offered my current position and am now leading a team of six. My transition to a team lead was a challenging prospect, but with support from both Questers and SpotMe, entering this new phase of my career became a lot smoother and manageable. The opportunity for continuous personal development while knowing someone has got your back is truly invaluable.

What are your favourite parts of your job?
SpotMe is the provider of the most comprehensive mobile event platform worldwide, and this can only be achieved through great talent and dedication. I appreciate having the opportunity to work with so many motivated and passionate people. The dynamic nature of our business is certainly not for everyone, but for those willing to take on a challenge – it can be very rewarding. As someone with a background in software development, I enjoy solving problems – technical or otherwise – and my job has provided me with plenty of problems to solve while learning important lessons along the way.

What would you like to do in the future?
I would like to surround myself with great people and make a positive impact – the foundation for which is already available at Questers.