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An alumni programme for achieving more together!

Being a leading tech hub for more than a decade, we were lucky to meet, work and partner with a myriad of great people with whom we have built strong and lasting friendship. We revealed exciting opportunities for their careers and we appreciate the efforts and contribution that everyone made, being part of Questers. So, we are keen to get this to a next level and stay in touch.

That is why we’ve launched our Questers & Friends alumni programme. Through fostering the culture and spirit of Questers the main goal is to keep this community of exceptional people engaged by supporting fellow alumni members in career challenges and lives.

With employing more than 1000 software technologists through the years, we know such programme will provide access to a professional network of like-minded people who could mutually benefit.

At the heart of Questers & Friends is our belief that together we are able to achieve more. We want to provide a useful network that can be leveraged on many levels and in various ways. We are starting with a few great initiatives, we would like to share exciting events and useful knowledge-sharing sessions and also to make available a fantastic range of special benefits.

We envision this programme to evolve as an engine for collective support, mentoring and cooperation for current and future opportunities and challenges in alumni’s career or entrepreneurial ventures. Everyone who works or worked in the past with us is welcome to join!

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