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Top 3 considerations when choosing a service provider for a Dedicated team or BOT model


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The BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) and Dedicated team models are an efficient way for a strategic expansion of a company’s development capacity. Of course, the process of building a team in another location requires some planning and careful research in order for this remote operation to be successful. This process usually starts with shortlisting a few destinations for your future team.

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Once you have a few locations in mind, you’ll need to look for a local service provider to build and manage your Dedicated team and eventually support its transfer to your entity on a later stage. Here are the top 3 considerations to be mindful of when choosing the right partner:

  1. Reliability

Having a reliable partner to help you build and support your remote team is vital for its success. There are a couple of things you may look up, to make sure you are engaging the right service provider.

For the initial research, you may check out the company’s website for clients’ portfolio, testimonials and case studies. You may as well check out business review websites for more impartial customers’ reviews. These will help you pre-select a few companies to further research, contact and request a quote from.

A very important indication of the reliability of a company is its financial performance and risk profile. It is essential to choose a financially stable and well-established partner as this company will eventually be responsible for your future employees and potential risks of bankruptcy could have a negative impact on your business to some extend as well. There are a number of websites where you could check out the public company information, as well as web platforms that make risk and financial assessments of businesses.

Another signal for the integrity of a potential service provider may be the way they communicate during the negotiation process. Make sure you pay attention if they promise you everything you want within the cost and timeframe you want it or are trying to be honest and give you realistic estimations and objective evaluation of the local labour market, size of the talent pool and available technologies. A collaboration of this kind needs to sit on open communication and trustful relation between the parties from the beginning.
During this process, you may also ask for information about the speed of the recruitment process and the average number of hires per month based on their previous and current collaborations. This will give you yet another layer of information about the company, its work attitude and reliability.

  1. Security

This is a very important consideration as, eventually, you’ll be giving access to internal company information to your future remote employees. This may put at risk your company’s intellectual property and thus is crucial to check out how your potential partner handles security matters.  You may ask whether they have security ISO certificates, what security procedures they are following, would your team be provided with a dedicated server and secure internet connection etc.

Of course, when eventually you decide to engage a service provider, you need to make sure these aspects are also contractually secured.

  1. Like-minded company that reflects your business values

Yet another vital aspect for a successful collaboration is the business ethics and culture of the potential partner. Sharing the same business values with the service provider will ease the process of integrating your future remote employees into your organization, it will ease the collaboration process and will lessen the hustle in everyday work. All of these could also be checked out during the negotiations. You may ask how they would handle an exemplarily situation and determine whether their reaction would reflect your business culture.

Some service providers offer study tours to their offices as part of their sales process. This is yet another signal for their openness and a good opportunity to better get to know their culture and company atmosphere.

Looking for a trustful partner to help you build and grow your dedicated team in Bulgaria? Questers has proven experience in building remote teams for clients such as News UK, Dow Jones, Ocado Technology and Logitech. We would be happy to have a chat with you and learn more about your business needs, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Top 3 considerations when choosing a service provider for a Dedicated team or BOT model | Questers


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