We believe humans should be augmented by RPA not displaced, so we setup Human+  - Questers

We believe humans should be augmented by RPA not displaced, so we setup Human+


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David Biden
CEO @ Human+

Human+  is yet another outstanding company that is part of The Panoply, Questers’ group company. Human+ aims at humanizing the automation experience for government and not for profit organisations and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them. Here is what their CEO David Biden shared with us about the company, the added value it provides and its biggest achievements.

Tell us a bit about Human+. How would describe the company in few sentences?

Human+ is an RPA consultancy that focuses on conscious RPA. We implement automation technology to drive efficiencies within an organisation as well as educate people on how the technology works and the changes it can bring to the workplace.

What were the main drivers to set up Human+?

We could see a lot of people talking about the huge return on investment they were getting with RPA technology but none talking about what happens to the people whose roles are potentially being automated. We believe humans should be augmented by RPA not displaced, so we setup Human+ to provide both the technology implementation as well as education on what and how this effects the people within an organisation and how you tackle this.

What are the biggest benefits for your clients?

The benefits are twofold really. The efficiency gains that are made within the organisation through the implementation of the technology and the upskilling of their internal staff in a modern technology. A lot of our customers are also seeing improved customer service as well as they are able to take the friction out of a service and serve the customer quicker.

Do you specialize in a specific industry and what’s your typical client profile?

We have a lot of government and not for profit clients as a large volume of our staff are very experienced in this area but RPA is applicable to any industry. We all have mundane repetitive tasks that we wish we could automate! As a general rule the larger the organisation the more efficiencies to be gained through RPA but we also have some smaller clients with high transaction numbers flowing through the business.

Which RPA software providers are you partnering with?

Blue Prism, Thoughtonomy and UiPath. We see a lot of take up in the Blue Prism product mainly because it can work with both on premise and within the cloud and some of our clients prefer to keep the solution on premise.

What do you consider your biggest achievement at human+ so far?

Probably the rate on which we have gained new clients, almost one every two weeks so far and the fact that we have managed to cope with that sharp rise and keep them happy. We all enjoy what we do and that comes across to the clients that we work with.

The Panoply is a creative technology group assembled from complementary tech-focused companies such as Human+ and Questers. Among the other innovative businesses, part of the group, is Manifesto, a digital agency that collaborates with exceptional organisations to change things for the better. То further expand Manifesto’s team at Questers, we are currently looking for exceptional developers. Check out available opportunities here.

We believe humans should be augmented by RPA not displaced, so we setup Human+ | Questers


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