Open Position -

Full-stack Software Engineer



  • Passion for technology and knowledge in Python/PHP/Go/Ruby
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript; experience with React, Angular, vue.js would be considered strong advantage
  • Experience in web-context environment
  • Strong willingness to evolve and learn with us


  • Python (Flask + SQLAlchemy + Celery) on the backend along with a smattering of Go, with Redis, DynamoDB, MySQL and S3 for data storage.
  • We use jQuery on the Front-end and we are open to explore the benefits of vue.js, React or Angular
  • Our platform is comprised of resilient and scalable applications and services powered by AWS with a mixture of Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, CloudFormation and EC2 Container Service (introducing Kubernetes with EKS).
  • We have a propensity to ship early and often, so we push multiple deployments live per day through our CI/CD pipelines using Codeship


  • Building robust backend services as part of our event-driven architecture
  • Collaborating in autonomous squads to deliver high impact features
  • Following best practices ensuring appropriate testing and great software engineering
  • Contributing, both in ideas and execution, to the ongoing evolution of the platform architecture
  • Guiding and mentoring other members of the team, sharing knowledge and challenging appropriately…
  •  Refining the skills and techniques necessary to take the next step in your career, whether that’s leading a team, architecting complex systems or just being the best developer, you can be