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JavaScript Engineer



We are looking for a JavaScript engineer to join our Data Technology team based in London Bridge. INCA (Intelligent News Contextual Analytics) is our name for an evolving set of data products that provide critical content analytics to our newsrooms, and aides them throughout the entire lifecycle of an article (including text, images and videos), from planning right through to post production assistance.


  • Working on a project to design and implement a production ready container orchestration system based on Kubernetes and associated tools using best practice to deliver microservice applications across the platform
  • In charge of the automation of build and release pipelines and container platforms
  • Creating cloud infrastructure, automating and creating tools to help our engineering teams achieve CI/CD


  • You’re a true engineer with a passion for well crafted and tested code considering everything from architecture and security to performance. You’re an expert in JavaScript and are interested in data visualisation. You will excel in our technical test. You have a healthy GitHub account that shows off the quality of your work; maybe you contribute to open source too.
  • You love engineering and constantly want to learn more. You lead by example, encouraging your peers to constantly improve. You do thorough code reviews to be sure it hits very high standards. You’ll be excited about working on our ecosystem, how we glue things together, how we test and how we bundle our code.
  • You are an advocate for the product you work on and have a genuine interest in it. You understand agile methodologies, are used to pair programming and enjoy collaboration. Outside of the office you love learning new development languages and skills and work on interesting personal projects.
  • If that sounds good to you, come and show us what you can do. If you join our team you will be surrounded by supportive experts, work on exciting and challenging projects and have ample opportunity to take your career to the next stage. If that sounds good to you, come and show us what you can do.


  • JavaScript (ES2015+), HTML, CSS
  • Experience with PostgreSQL, Node and React.js (React Native a bonus)
  • Understanding of JavaScript application lifecycle
  • Understanding of usability, security and performance in front end applications
  • Git knowledge and an understanding of branching strategies
  • Experience with Agile methodologies
  • Best practices in code reviewing and strive for hitting high standards
  • Experience with pair programming
  • A test driven development approach
  • Experience in continuous integration, deployment and delivery
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate and inspire team members
  • Eagerness and enthusias

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