We are hiring:

Mid/Senior Data Engineer



  • This role sits within “Data Engineering” part of our “Tech and Data” organisation.
  • We are looking for an experienced engineer to join us as we are adopting a data products approach to serving the data needs of the business and scaling our data ecosystem to enable the next generation of data-driven decisions at Funding Circle.
  • You will join the cross-functional data engineering team, a group of data and analytics engineers from diverse backgrounds who leverage the latest technologies to build robust and user-friendly data products. Our goal is to build centrally-managed data products focused on business outcomes and to enable our analytics, data science, and operational teams to create and manage their own data products.


  • Promote software development approach to the data
  • Produce technical scope for data products to automate the provision of data, data validation, testing and monitoring for analytics and data science workflows
  • Work in short development cycles and with high deployment frequency to incrementally deliver data products, from data ingestion and transformation to dashboards, reports, and BI and ML pipelines
  • Play a key role in technical design and ongoing development of templates, reference code examples, and code libraries for data products ETLs, and analytics and machine learning pipelines
  • Be the point of contact for the data platform team to identify and drive scaling and efficiency improvements for data tooling
  • Work with data product managers and stakeholder teams to ensure that the right tooling/solution is used for the right problem
  • Be an advocate for the use of engineering best practices


  • Knowledgeable about cloud computing and infrastructure. We are on AWS and work with Glue, Athena, Lake Formation, Redshift and more. But we have good experience transitioning new joiners from GCP and Azure
  • A strong programmer. We work mostly with Python
  • A very fluent and fast SQL developer. We use dbt for data modelling and apply software development standards to SQL
  • A confident dashboard creator with a dashboards-as-a-code mentality
  • Technically skilled with architectural design experience
  • Use software development best practices including CI/CD, observability, cost optimisation, security and more
  • An effective communicator. You are able to discuss both technical and business concepts with people in different roles within the company
  • Care about user experience for data consumers
  • Believe in the potential of data to drive better business outcome
  • Someone with enthusiasm for looking at the data holistically and working on elegant designs for data solutions, and yet passionate about wrangling data pipelines, solving data puzzles, and collaborating with analysts and data scientists.


  • Experience with more than one of Airflow, dbt, Kafka, Lake Formation, Tableau server
  • Experience with AWS
  • Understanding of Kubernetes and Terraform
  • Experience with data security and access control
  • Experience with metadata and data lineage management

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