People and Process Focused Development Manager



  • You foster open, honest and effective discussion in which all members are unafraid to voice their opinions and concerns
  • You live Agile and create feedback loops at all levels
  • You are passionate about coaching and developing people. You strive to create a department of world class engineers who are a pleasure to work with and who love what they do
  • You are data-driven and inspire your department to continually improve their processes and practices
  • You are a servant leader and never afraid to get your hands dirty. If something is blocking or hurting the department, you’re on it
  •  You have a strong software engineering background, good understanding of the full software development cycle and a rock-solid attitude to maintaining and improving technical quality
  • You enjoy creating real business value, be it improving user experience or driving up operational efficiency. You know that to achieve this you will need to cultivate a department environment which is innovative, motivational, highly-productive and setup for fast change
  • You have excellent communication skills and you actively encourage and facilitate collaboration within your team, across teams and with all stakeholders



  • Helping teams live the behavioural and technical standards of Ocado Technology;
  • Assisting the Department Head and teams in top down and bottom up communication, including strategic and tactical priorities;
  • Maintaining and driving a pro-active and open communication channel with the Department Head and teams;
  • Work with Department Head, other DMs, POs and teams to ensure clear departmental vision and clear team responsibilities (department and team boundaries).

People and organisation

  • Ensuring teams are appropriately skilled and trained;
  • Fostering collaboration with other related teams, POs, managers and business;
  • Fostering high motivation, happiness and morale in teams;
  • Ensuring that people are fairly paid, in appropriate roles where they can do what they’re best at;
  • Ensuring that teams are well balanced in terms of roles in order to fulfil their missions.
  • Ensuring that people know what is expected of them and are given regular feedback about skills and behaviours;


  • Building awareness of business objectives and leading teams to achieve them;
  • Managing issues that might impede team effectiveness e.g. communication issues, behavioural issues, skill issues, process issues and technical issues;
  • Coaching teams in how to make intelligent decisions around technology and development;


  • Ensuring that teams continuously work to improve;
  • Work with teams to provide reporting information on their development progress and capacity.

You may also have responsibilities that relate solely to your local office or country e.g. HR and other office-based responsibilities, for which you will take direction from your local Head of Office. Your roles and responsibilities will likely change in line with business needs and as Ocado grows