We are hiring:

Senior Platform Engineer



  • In charge of the automation of build and release pipelines and container platforms
  • Creates cloud infrastructure
  • Automates and creates tools to help the engineering teams achieve CI/CD
  • Focuses on long-term solutions
  • Writes well-crafted and tested code considering everything from architecture and security to performance
  • Does pair programming and collaborates with colleagues to deliver high-quality code
  • Works as part of a Scrum team in an Agile development environment
  • Not afraid to ask questions and question the status quo
  • Focuses on problems, not bugs
  • Works comfortably with modern services, such as AWS, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Terraform, Bash scripting


  • You have a passion for instilling a DevOps culture in teams and understand the importance it brings to delivering high-quality software and promoting automation where possible
  • You are a team player and enjoy collaborating with others
  • You take responsibility for knowledge sharing across our co-located engineering teams
  • You always have an eye on the industry trends
  • You ensure we follow industry best practices
  • Excellent understanding of CI / CD tools such as (CircleCI, Jenkins, or TeamCity)
  • Experience with AWS or GCP
  • Experience with IaC Terraform / Cloudformation
  • Experience with Containerisation Docker / K8s
  • Experience with Agile Methodology
  • Experience with large-scale web applications
  • Experience with scripting languages such as BASH
  • Experience with APM and Monitoring tools


  • Experience in building Pipelines with Jenkins DSL
  • Experience with Automation tools such as Ansible / Puppet / Chef
  • Experience with NodeJS applications
  • Experience with Serverless Framework (Lambda)
  • Experience with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Experience with other Cloud platforms (GCP / Azure)
  • Experience with NewRelic / Prometheus / Grafana
  • Experience with Message Broker System (RabbitMQ / SQS / Kafka)

Questers Perks

    • Innovative & Agile Teams

      Innovative & Agile Teams

    • Challenging Projects & Leading-edge Technologies

      Challenging Projects & Leading-edge Technologies

    • Friendly & Supportive Atmosphere

      Friendly & Supportive Atmosphere

    • Socially Responsible Company

      Socially Responsible Company

    • 25 Days Paid Leave

      25 Days Paid Leave

    • Supplemental Health & Dental Care

      Supplemental Health & Dental Care

    • Competitive Remuneration Package

      Competitive Remuneration Package

    • Exceptional Social Package & Special Discounts

      Exceptional Social Package & Special Discounts

    • Tech & Soft Skills Training

      Tech & Soft Skills Training

    • Team Bonding Events

      Team Bonding Events

    • Fruity Afternoons

      Fruity Afternoons

    • Beer Thursdays

      Beer Thursdays

    • Excellent Office Location & Facilities

      Excellent Office Location & Facilities

    • A Wonderful Mountain-view Terrace

      A Wonderful Mountain-view Terrace

    • Free Bike Parking & Showers

      Free Bike Parking & Showers

    • Relaxing & Gaming Areas

      Relaxing & Gaming Areas


Equal Opportunity Employer

Here at Questers, we hire great people. No matter how you identify and where you’re from, you can belong here. What’s most important to us is having an inspiring, dynamic team who live our values of collaboration and excellence every day. And we're completely committed to fostering an open, supportive and inclusive culture where everyone can focus on just being themselves while also reaching their full potential.