Open Position -

Senior/Mid JavaScript Engineer



  • JavaScript (ES2015+), HTML, CSS
  • Node and React.js (React Native is a bonus)
  • Understanding of JavaScript application lifecycle
  • Understanding of usability, security and performance in front end applications
  • Git knowledge and an understanding of branching strategies
  • Experience with Agile methodologies
  • Best practices in code reviewing and strive for hitting high standards
  • Experience with pair programming
  • A TDD approach mindset
  • Experience in continuous integration, deployment and delivery
  • Ability to lead and inspire teammates
  • Good communication skills
  • Eagerness and enthusiasm to learn


  • As a Senior/Mid JavaScript Engineer, you will be part of NewsUK’s Data Technology team and you will be working on an evolving set of data products that provide critical content analytics to their newsrooms, and aides them throughout the entire lifecycle of an article (including text, images and videos), from planning right through to post production assistance. Тhe technologies used include Google BigQuery, ElasticSearch for data processing, multiple Google based tools for machine learning, including natural language processing.
  • You’re a true engineer with a passion for well crafted and tested code considering everything from architecture and security to performance.  
  • You’re an expert in JavaScript and are interested in data visualisation.
  • You will excel in our technical test and have a healthy GitHub account that shows off the quality of your work; maybe you contribute to open source too.
  • You love engineering and constantly want to learn more.
  • You’ll be excited about working on our ecosystem, how we glue things together, how we test and how we bundle our code.
  • You are an advocate for the product you work on and have a genuine interest in it.
  • You understand agile methodologies, are used to pair programming and enjoy collaboration.
  • Outside of the office you love learning new development languages and skills and work on interesting personal projects.